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About Us

Purcell Productions LLC is a complete VFX, Animation & Post Production Studio Located in beautiful Klamath Falls, Oregon.


cpStarted in Long Beach, CA. by Chris Purcell in 2002,  with Office opening in Southern Oregon in 2007, Purcell Productions LLC lets client to deal directly with the artist, allowing open communication of ideas while maximizing creativity and production.

Chris is at heart a Production Artist, a studio beast with over 30 years of experience creating 3D animation and VFX while working for Hollywood Studios (Sony, Warner Bros., Fox, ABC), Gaming Studios ( Activision, Vortex Media Arts, Fox Animation), Government Agencies ( NASA, US Air Force, Boeing, BLM), International Corporations and Small Business.

In that time he has sat in almost every studio chair, from scanner intern to Roto Super to Lead 3D Production artist to Art Director, and VFX Director, Chris can tell what direction your project needs for maximum use of your budget.


 Purcell Productions LLC also has Award-Winning Customer Service!

Please contact us today to discuss your vision!!